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Dr. Annette Bosworth

Tested. Trusted. Conservative.

Dr. Annette Bosworth is a leader you can trust to represent South Dakota with conservative values. She grew up on a modest family farm in Plankinton, South Dakota, where she learned that faith, family, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and commitment were the keys to success.

Dr. Annette Bosworth knows first-hand why conservatives want to limit the power of government.

Without restraint, powerful government bureaucrats unjustly attacked her. They tried to impose their will on her, threatening to take her medical license away. It was a deeply personal attack on a doctor with a stellar record of putting patients first and saving the government money, but she fought back.

To pay the mounting legal bills and to keep her medical clinic open, Annette and her husband sold nearly all their material possessions, including their home. The pain of their choice to stand up against big government impacted them personally. With options limited, they moved their three young children into an RV donated to them by their church. But Annette never lost faith. She put her trust in God that the truth would prevail and continued her fight against big government.

Community leaders took notice. The late Governor Bill Janklow, Dr. Robert Talley, a respected Democrat, and many professional colleagues came to her defense. During a battle that lasted nearly three years, government bureaucrats desperately tried to smear her good name and excellent reputation. But through her unwavering faith in God and commitment to her patients, the truth prevailed.

Today, Annette serves her community through her private medical practice, Meaningful Medicine. She is among the top rated physicians in her field. Annette earns high praise from her patients, and continues to receive awards for her humanitarian work. She has been a part of numerous medical mission trips to Haiti, the Philippines and regularly pursues innovative cost-cutting solutions in medicine. Annette was the first doctor in South Dakota to meet federal standards for integrating electronic medical records into her practice.

Annetteā€™s personal fight with big government may be over, but her work to stop the overreach of big government is just beginning. She believes God is calling her to serve a higher purpose and to fight back against an intrusive federal government. As a physician, Annette recognizes Obamacare is perhaps the biggest government overreach our nation has ever seen. Annette was compelled by a higher calling to get off the bleachers, as she likes to say, and declare her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Summer 2013.

Annette believes a sickness has invaded America. This sickness has replaced hard work and commitment with a me-first, do what feels good welfare society. She believes career politicians from both parties have spread this sickness through their big government policies. She wants to cure this disease and restore the values that made America great.

Annette is an outsider. She believes Washington politicians are destroying America through their failure to represent We The People. Annette knows that cutting the size of government, balancing the budget and securing the border are all crucial for getting America back on track. She believes the inability to hold people accountable for the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and other Obama administration scandals is simply unacceptable. Annette wants to correct these failures.

Annette values all life. She is the mother of three handsome young boys, has counseled hundreds of teens in crisis to save the lives of their babies, treated hundreds of people for drug and alcohol addiction, and has personally saved the lives of numerous people through her work as a Doctor.

Annette is a strong defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Coming from a family of South Dakota hunters, and as a hunter herself, Annette is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. She also has great respect for and fully supports our veterans. As a small business owner, she supports full-scale tax reform through abolishment of the IRS and implementation of the Fair Tax.

Big government bureaucrats tried to destroy her, but all they did was spark a fire the likes of which South Dakota has rarely seen. Dr. Annette Bosworth has been tested and she is not afraid to lead. Join her fight to stop the overreach of the federal government. She can be trusted to serve South Dakota with conservative values.

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