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Sioux Falls, SD, May 28, 2014– Good afternoon, the GOP primary election is less than one week away and South Dakota voters have an important decision to make. In order to make that decision wisely, Republican voters need to be as informed as possible about the five candidates running.

Unfortunately, former Gov. Mike Rounds decided to try to deprive South Dakota voters of an opportunity to hear all the candidates discuss the issues.

We've had one televised debate so far and another one was scheduled to be aired this week. But Mike Rounds is apparently so upset about his performance during the first one that he pulled out of the second one that was scheduled. Mike Rounds had apparently made the political calculations that the less voters hear from him the better he does.

After Rounds announced that he was pulling out of the televised debate, it was canceled. Thus depriving the South Dakota voters of a chance to hear not just Rounds – but all the candidates.

That's why today I am announcing that I am sponsoring a South Dakota Senate Candidate Forum that will be open to all candidates. This will be broadcast on TV and posted to YouTube.

Unlike the previous debate, this forum will focus on issues that Republican voters care about. (Side note: The SDPB debate asked a question about the New York Times economist Paul Krugman. PBS, here is a hint...Paul Krugman is a cheerleader for big government. I think I can speak for Republican voters when I tell you this… we don't care about what Krugman been thinks.)

I'm inviting all the other candidates to take part in this televised forum which will be fair, balanced and focused on the issues that Republican voters want to hear.

Every candidate will be given equal time and yes, Mike Rounds is invited.

I believe in the First Amendment and free-speech I also believe that South Dakota voters want to be able to size up the candidates one more time before the election.

I've already heard from one of the other candidates who has confirmed they will be part of the South Dakota Senate candidates form.

Will have more details on where and when the forum will happen on my website in the next 24 hours.

Annette Bosworth, MD practices Internal Medicine and specializes informatics, electronic health records systems, and delivering care for complex medical problems at her private practice in Sioux Falls, SD. She is a pro-life candidate running for US Senate under the republican ticket. Learn more about her campaign by visiting her website http://www.bosworthforsenate.com, her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bosworthforsenate or her blog at www.annettebosworth.com. Also, visit http://www.giveemheckannette.com and http://www.helphealhunger.org.
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