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I’m Dr. Annette Bosworth and I’ve spent the past few months running for the U.S. Senate in South Dakota.
I came into the race as a complete political newcomer and I can tell you, I’ve learned a lot.

I've met so many wonderful, inspiring people while I've been running for political office, but the experience has also opened my eyes to both the corruption in our political system and how much our country is being betrayed by lazy, biased media.

Like most people, I had a sense that things were bad but I really had no idea just how bad they were.

The problem isn’t just about any one individual issue.

No matter what issue is most important to you…

…whether it’s taxes or gun rights
or life or immigration or jobs
or capitulation to terrorism…

on every issue you can think of, there’s a wider problem that keeps those issues from getting solved.

Our country’s problems are getting worse because of corrupt career politicians.

Now, the term career politician can get used so much that it’s easy to forget what it really means.

A career politician is someone who’s learned how to use their role in government to make money: a LOT of money.

In his great book Throw Them All Out, author Peter Schweitzer shows how both Democrat and Republican politicians use their position to make money off the legislation they pass.

Political money and power are addictive and like any addiction, the results are devastating to everyone.

Politicians are making millions, so -- of course -- they want to hold on to power.

They aren’t beholden to the citizens or the Constitution. They are hooked to the money.

They create big government programs that benefit lobbyists and create dependent citizens.

As a doctor, I’ve had a front row seat to the disaster of Obamacare — but lobbyists and politicians are raking in millions from it.

This addiction to politics has devastating costs.
As the net worth of our politicians grows, our nation grows sicker and sicker.

We’re losing our country while career politicians get rich.

Meanwhile, we all know the media isn’t doing their job and holding the power-players accountable.

It seems almost impossible to fix, doesn’t it?

And it IS impossible to fix, if we keep electing the same politicians year after year.

A broken, corrupt political system won’t correct itself.

It’s time to step up and tear down the corruption, so we can start to solve the problems.

That’s why I’m forming a political action committee to take on this challenge and to help elect a new generation of leaders.

Whatever the results of the Senate election, our country’s problems are bigger than one election and bigger than one state.

We can’t just fight the symptoms of our problems.

We need to fight the problem at it’s root cause —
the corruption of career politicians and the media culture that protects them.

I’m going to use this new political action committee to go above the media,

to call out the corruption and to bring together citizens who are ready
to really take back the country from the people who’ve sold us out to the highest bidder.

We’re going to use the amazing technology we have available to us to tell the truth.

Transparency is the key and today's technology makes it easy to show the country what is really going on.

We’re going to use what’s left of the American system our Founding Fathers envisioned, to FIGHT BACK.

We’re going to use faith and creativity and activism to restore our country to greatness.

What I’ve learned since I got involved in politics is that there are plenty of people who want you to quit.
To go away.
To shut up.

I’ve learned that people who want to change things…
people who are driven by faith and hope and principles…

people like you and me…

We’re a threat to corruption, so they want to ignore us
or insult us
or get us to quit.

So if you’re fighting along with me, just remember…

You aren’t crazy for believing bigger government is the cause of our country’s problems.

You aren’t alone in wanting a better future for your children or grandchildren.

You aren’t the problem.

You’re the solution and together, we’re going to make the world a better place.

Thank you and God bless America.

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For more information, please call (605) 838-8797 or by e-mail campaign@bosworthforsenate.com.

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