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Kirra harlyn

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Kirra harlyn

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I may seem like an innocent girl next door but I can be a cheeky, kinky minx and therein lies my secret : I have a fun, very genuine and sincere personality. Nothing pleases me more than knowing you have thoroughly enjoyed your time with me and that I have satisfied all your needs. If I succeed in impressing or surprising you, as I strive to do, then I am all smiles and happy bounces.

Age: 56
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: Searching Sex
City: Lewisberry, St. Louis
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: Horny Singles Search Asian Singles Dating

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Kirra harlyn -

Speaking to the owner apparently there have been a group of dark skinned Yellow cab taxi drivers going to shops and getting half way through a session and complaining. The place is kept clean but a little messy. I have had dreams about our next rendezvous already and kitra keen to ask if these wicked thoughts can be accommodated.

She did seem to enjoy the session as much as I did. I may seem like an innocent girl next door but I can be a cheeky, kinky minx and therein lies my secret : I have a fun, very genuine and sincere personality. They will always turn the shower on to muffle the sound of turds falling into the bowl. A beautifully proportioned body, sexy curves and a booty to die for all multiply the desire once you get her naked.

She does have a round bubble ass which is great to hold on to. Whilst Kirra is a niche provider, she has plans to gain training in other niche services which will help to broaden her audience.

The girl was pretty shaken and upset. At this point in time her services include covered oral and anal sex only. Kira came for an overnight stay and having done a meet and greet beforehand she was very comfortable coming to stay with me.

There was a 'disco' lighting in the room which initially I found annoying but it grew on me. As the Sunday morning weather was dry and almost sunny I decided to take Kira on a beach adventure.

I want to give you an experience that leaves you relaxed, satisfied and always wanting more. Asian girls are very embarrassed about bathroom noises. She said they threaten not to bring customers to the shops and even want freebies for bringing tourists to a particular shop when they get in their cabs.

Krira is a totally cute in the face department and with a cheeky streak a mile wide, it isn't hard to find her incredibly attractive and desirable. Just saying. He walked out without paying. On with the dom for some BJ which did the trick. If I wasn't so new back on this scene, I would have been tempted to fund her training just to be able to experience her growth.

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She slept very peacefully during the night. The manager said the "whities" are ok. They are targeting shops along Logan Rd and it seems like a game or something between drivers.

Kira the Labrador came to stay and she literally melted my kirar. I want to know all about them!! We tried a few position with her on top, me kidra top and doggy which apparently is her favorite. I guess that is what happens when you book a kindred spirit, someone who is so totally focused on the others pleasure, that their own pleasure is inconsequential. Finally we headed back to the car to dry off.

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Kira loves the sea and jumped straight in for a swim and a splash. Well almost naked.

I felt kirrx bad for the girl and it appeared that these individuals think they can do what they want and treat girls and these shops like crap. That combined with the new skills she is planning on adding to her repertoire.

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Published Date: We walked for ages across and Kira even made a friend with another Labrador who was keen to play. Whilst I have not partake in one of her parties she does make reference to it through out the session. Unlike some of my reviews, this one is not going to be full of detail due to the nature of the services provided along with the fact that I experienced mixed feelings during the hour. One area that did suffer was her breast which more or less reflects a deflated balloon.

She is located in Wishart so it makes a good 'detour' for those like me travelling up and down the M1.