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Pet names for boyfriends

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Pet names for boyfriends

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Dan Hackett Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend, According to Guys Coming up with cute names to call your boyfriend may seem a fun and romantic task, but be warned: the road to the perfect pet name is fraught with peril. Not in use so much for the younger generations, but still a fir nickname with a lot of mileage left. Your sex life might be off the chartsbut maybe try to pick a nickname that doesn't scream this so overtly.

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Schmoopy — A pet name for a caring, devoted and mushy boyfriend.

Minor — For a guy who is underage. Fan Guy — A nickname for a boyfriend that is your biggest cheerleader.

Foxy Mister — For a cunning, tricky boyfriend. Light Priest — A special boyfriend who is your guardian. Perhaps an adjective?

60 romantic nicknames for your sweetheart | lovetoknow

Pirate — A boyfriend who copies all the stuff you do. Beloved — A guy you love dearly. Ecstasy — A guy that makes you excited all the time. Chocolate — An African- American guy that is very attractive. You can take part of your name and add a suffix or prefix to it. My Sweet — An attractive and warm-hearted boyfriend.

Smilemaker — A guy who always gives you reasons to smile. Beau — An endearing name for a great boyfriend.

Pearl — A boyfriend who is incredibly special. Cutie Pie — A great name for a charming boyfriend. Falcon — A boyfriendz who always wants you to be close to him.

Tips for creating cute nicknames for boyfriends | lovetoknow

Shmoopie — A boyfriend you adore. Fire Cracker — A good name for a boyfriend who is outstanding and exciting.

Bam Bam — A name for a boyfriend who is full of so much energy. Popeye — A great nickname for a vicious boyfriend. Muggles — A pure and innocent boyfriend.

Curls — A name for a cute boyfriend with a curly hair. Happiness — A name for a guy bpyfriends brings nothing but absolute pleasure.

Cute names to call your boyfriend, according to guys | elitesingles

Rose — A pet name for a boyfriend who is delicate, soft, and precious. My World — A boyfriend who means everything to you. Spanky — A boyfriend so close to you. Bboyfriends Pumpkin Pie — An attractive, tender-hearted boyfriend. Heisenberg — A cute name for a badass boyfriend.

Daddy Mack — For a boyfriend who is slick and other ladies want. Ever Guy — A great name for the guy you want to be with all the time.

Cute names to call your boyfriend, according to guys

Pop Tart —A nickname for an extremely yummy boyfriend. Bean — A small and adorable boyfriend. Bubbies — A sweet name for the guy you love and adore.

Choosing a Nickname The pet name you choose for the person you love can last a lifetime or change fof age or through the seasons of life. Petal — A pet name for a boyfriend with a colorful and lively personality. Iron Man — a nickname for an exceptionally strong guy.

Crush — A guy you desire to be with, and you find extremely special. Chicken — A boyfriend with a thick and sexy body.

60 romantic nicknames for your sweetheart

Angel Heart — For a kind-hearted and loving boyfriend. Big Daddy — A boyfriend who is just like a father to you. If you have cool nicknames you would like boyffriends share, feel free to use the comments section below. Honey Cakes — A great nickname for a boyfriend who is so good, so amazing and delightful and you want to be with him all the time.

Furious Tom — A cute name for a quick-tempered boyfriend. Got a buff guy?

Icy — For a cool guy. If the guy is a good kisser, perhaps you can call him hot lips.