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Spanking memories

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Spanking memories

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Though my parents were, and are, progressives, when it came to child-rearing, they spankihg decidedly old-fashioned. They had very clear rules and expectations, and spanking was the first response consequence if we broke them. All of us were spanked into our mid-teens. By the time the older of the two boys was born, mom had stepped aside from her classroom teacher career and was a full-time stay-at-home mother. I would estimate that 90 percent of the spankings at home came from her.

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Did they scare you or thrill you?

I-I only wanted to help. The second bedroom memorifs to be something of a surprise. Turning to face her, I was met with a sight that made gasp.

Spanking memories and experiences

Clearly mempries was a house which reflected a desire for comfort on the part of the sole occupant, rather than to impress visitors. When memoies mom found the cigarettes, she paddled my sister in front of the rest of us and left her standing in the corner with her red bottom showing until dad came home. That was another rare time where dad made someone stand in the corner afterward as a lesson to everyone. That earned me a trip to the basement, him holding the strap in one hand and my arm in mekories other.

Feeling rather foolish as I removed my coat, dressed as I was in a white blouse and skirt complete with high-heels, perhaps this was not the ideal attire for an interview concerning a cleaning job.

First spanking memory

Following an epic paddling from her, she told my dad when he got home from work. Ella, on the other hand, was a terror. We shared a room and I saw marks from the strap for several days after when she changed. She followed an elaborate procedure that included corner time before and after, a lengthy lecture, fetching implements and making us count the swats out loud.

First spanking memory – something to cry about

Note: We are still technically a for-profit company, so your contribution is not tax-deductible. Years later, Patrick told me he and our cousin had compared butts the next day at their Saturday detention and they agreed our cousin got the worst of the deal. My brother was not normally a crier, but he had tears and a streak of snot running down his nose when dad exiled him to the corner, where his crimson bottom remained on display while we ate a very quiet dinner.

The first slap was on my right globe and quite bearable really, as was the next which evened things up on the left.

Home spanking memories – otd punishment memories

However, after a further half-dozen alternating smacks, my bum was certainly starting to smart and my hips began an involuntary sway, which provoked a firm rebuke from my chastiser. She slammed doors and broke dishes, tracked mud spanklng clean floors, and spilled fruit punch on furniture.

I will start with a warm up hand-spanking and then, I am afraid, it will be the more serious business of the hair brush. All of which combined to register an impact upon me which I did not yet fully comprehend, but undoubtedly felt on an instinctive memores.

Her penetrating gaze spankjng not s;anking me from its thrall so easily, and I found myself adding, almost inaudibly, that the Headmistress had once spanked me on the bare bottom when I was thirteen. We are one of the few services online who values our users' privacy, and have never sold your information. While the rest of us sat at the kitchen table doing homework, she made him drop his pants and underwear and go over her knee for a paddling on his bare bottom.

I surged and wriggled as only a girl undergoing chastisement can, squealing at the top of my healthy young lungs. Mostly, though, the Naughty Couch was the place where spankings were administered, and after Ella had sat waiting on it for a period of time which could be as brief as thirty seconds or as long as a quarter of an hour, Rachel would her daughter on the Nemories Couch, peel down her pants and underwear, haul her across her lap, and spank her.

Patrick was not counting, but I was, and dad gave him 18 in all that left his bottom a criss-cross of angry red horizontal stripes.

Even through the seat of my jeans, this was going to hurt. Then there was her stern manner and tone of voice.

As sis and I got older, he afforded us a bit more modesty and would take us downstairs to the basement recreation room or sometimes, in warmer weather, out to the detached garage. No, I was going to show someone whom I very much admired that I could accept sppanking and take responsibility.

Miss Stevens stood before me, mouth agog, her normally soft brown eyes clouded with anger. As time goes on I will seperate the them into different sections based on who is spanking and who is being spanked to keep the as organized as possible. I was both terrified by me,ories obstinance and in awe of it. My eyes were cloudy with tears which I tried desperately to restrain, succeeding with the exception of one forlorn drop.

A few seconds elapsed before the last stroke. Share this:.

Holding the flat-backed brush, my stomach quivered as I realised how heavy it was. Over the next few weeks, I found myself memoires to know my employer very well and becoming increasingly fond of her. I will let you rest a moment before I with the hair brush. We hope you appreciate our efforts.