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Squirting blog

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Squirting blog

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61 Shares Do you think squirting is just for a lucky few? Any woman can learn to squirt. With just a few tweaks to your lovemaking sessions, you can find yourself having earth-shattering, mind-blowing orgasms.

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And, in the case of those just learning to squirt, it can also be your saving grace.

I will not be shamed for squirting #notpee • a sexual being

Scientific evidence points to yes, some of it is indeed pee. The differences are so freaking obvious!

Not necessarily. Female ejaculation is vlog amount of thick, white-ish fluid released during arousal. Take a look at the expert-tested tips below: Get Comfortable One of the most important aspects of learning to squirt is getting comfortable with yourself and your partner.

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It is a different sensation, and that in and of itself could be interesting to the squirter and to the potential partner, if one is present. The UK has already banned female ejaculation from video porn being produced — for no good reason at all. Practice Foreplay.

See what new areas of pleasure you can discover on your own or with someone else. Penile Penetration. How does squirting feel? Only with relaxation will squirting occur.

The amount of fluid varies from person to person. Because I work at Lionessa sexual pleasure company where we talk about orgasms on a daily basis, the topic of female ejaculation comes up pretty frequently.

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Beyond pissed. Is it as elusive and mystical as some believe it to be? Some women report having an orgasm when ejaculating, but many others report that squirting is a separate, independent event. Some of my partners prize it like some sort of achievement. This will prepare you for squirting, and your partner for the task of making you squirt.

Tips from a self-proclaimed squirting expert - tickle kitty blog

Play some soft, gentle music. That infuriates me more than anything.

61 Shares Do you think squirting is just for a lucky few? The point of trying new things is to try new things, not to gain some sort of achievement or gold star for squirting. The bottomline: all women can learn bog squirt. This can cause it to release into the urethra where it is then ejected from the body i.

As has been discussed ly on the blog, lube truly is your best friend. Empty your bladder prior. They go through all of the aspects of the topic that you can think of, and I highly recommend it if you want to take things to the next level. Of course, the right sexual mood is crucial to successfully learning to squirt. My point is that anybody could pee a bit while ejaculating. Try out different feelings and scenarios to get a sense of what could work for you!

I will not be shamed for squirting #notpee

The G-spot is a tissue that surrounds the urethra and engorges with blood when aroused. Instead, enjoy the journey of always learning about oneself and your partner. Get Warmed Up A squirting orgasm—or, any orgasm really—cannot take place in a rush. It comes from the glands within the erectile tissue around the urethra PSA 1, 2.

Proof that female ejaculate is just pee.

Squirting blogs

Yes, I read the blog post that made me mad, lol. Most definitely. What is squirting supposed to be like? If I had seen headlines or read articles dismissing squirting as urine, I might never have allowed myself to relax enough to climax like I do — or it might have taken me longer than it did. Any woman can learn to squirt.

Squirting: holy grail or fairy tale?

The female prostate revisited: Perineal ultrasound and biochemical studies of female ejaculate. Or cup, as the case may be? Whether you get there or not, the journey should be fun, interesting, and informative. If you make big, gushy messes when you climax, keep towels nearby, and take pride in every, single orgasm.