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The kastle sydney

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The kastle sydney

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We welcome you to review the descriptions below and click on the links to view the images of your Kastle destiny.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Not married
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City: Caddo County, Roseglen
Hair: Bright red
Relation Type: Nsa Fun W Curvy Girl. East Side!

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The Black Dungeon features our bondage bench, bondage chair, and floor to ceiling pole, as well syxney a multitude of ropes, whips, paddles and a wide assortment of other devices including handcuffs, shackles, harnesses, hoods, blindfolds and gags.

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There's the excitement of taking off, there's a plateau of the flight, and then there's the descent — and you can't necessarily enjoy the destination unless you enjoy the journey. Those who seek extreme pain will suffer it Here, undergoing brutal floggings, canings, and other forms of excruciating torture within negotiated limits. Call now Location Enter a world of pain or pleasure, the choice will be yours at this legendary brothel in the Sydney area.

The Red dungeon is equipped with a vast collection of manacles, suspension equipment, whips, paddles, canes, crops, floggers, leg spreaders, ropes, chains, cuffs, chastity devices, castration rings, electrical torture devices, gags, blindfolds, hoods and collars.

Mistress Scarlett has been the owner of the Kastle for some 20 years and a professional mistress since Take your pick of BDSM specialities such as forced feminization, public humiliation, domination and discipline amongst many others. We welcome patrons of all levels of experience, from beginners perhaps taking their first tentative steps into the BDSM world, through to seasoned submissives and Dominants, many of whom wydney become long term clients, who know that within the doors of the Kastle in its dungeons, they will be embraced and liberated to explore their most sensual dreams and the boundaries of their sexuality.

Saucy statuettes and hand sanitizer found in the dungeon's hallway. There are five themed fetish rooms over two levels, including three dungeons — the Red Dungeon, the Blue Ksstle and the quintessential Red Dungeon — as well as the Medical Room where clients can live out health examination fantasies, and the Pussy Parlour equipped with all the frocks, locks and accessories for cross dressing.

Much like flying, when booking your proverbial journey, you may well be experiencing some anxiety as well as anticipation. This simple technique ensures that the hte slave can assume the proper female appearance. There are vintage velvet lounges and a cage in the welcome parlour, which is overlooked by a large painted portrait of Mistress Scarlett, complete with a regal silver up-do atop her head and a fluffy white companion sitting on her hhe.

Bookings are charged at an adjusting scale depending on the style, length and content of the session.

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Current ghe hours are 10am-6pm from Monday to Friday evening appointment available from pmand noon-midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Do not be afraid — we will guide you on your journey, where you may seek the most intense and extreme sensual and sexual experiences in a safe harbour of absolute, unconditional acceptance.

Broaden your horizons at Sydney's best adult boutiques. But let me tell you, after eight hours of cleaning up — you know, blood, sweat and cum — no one's coming in a helicopter to take me home.

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The Kastle often fields enquiries from people interested in making a living in the dominatrix field. It's also the last of its kind. Given that this is a niche experience, clients are encouraged to speak to their service provider about the fetishes or fantasies they are looking to discover. With that being said, the venue does have a long list of services for you to choose from. Our submissives - willing to please The Kastle is home to feminine submissives who yearn to obey and please both Master and Mistress, to undergo torment or extreme sexual abuse at syfney pleasure, to be their plaything and their slave, to submit and to serve.

Our skilled practitioners can arrange feminisation surgery whereby the flaccid male penis is held between the superfluous testicles sydey the skin of the scrotum is closed lastle the top.

Tour the kastle | the kastle - sydney bdsm dungeonthe kastle – sydney bdsm dungeon

Have yourself emasculated in the Pussy Parlour, or have a naughty nurse tend to your ails in the Medical Room. The Kastle is a sex dungeon where fantasies and fetishes are meant to be explored with the help of enthusiastic, experienced masters or mistresses. The Red Dungeon Truly disobedient slaves are led into the dungeon where they may be bound to be tortured upon the St. But if you understand the motivation, or the why, I think it can help uncover certain parts of people's fantasies that they didn't necessarily know themselves.

We welcome you to review the descriptions below and click on the links to view the images of your Kastle destiny.

The venue has a team of professional mistresses as well as submissives and one master who are skilled in helping patrons to live out their erotic fantasies. The Girls The sensual service providers at The Kastle are divided into of mistresses or submissive, so you can immediately know where they stand.

The kastle | sex and dating in chippendale, sydney

The Kastle contains five themed sysney over two levels and the staff of mistresses are kastpe in catering to their clients' desires and fantasies. Our skilled staff provide the most thorough internal examinations, reflexive investigations, diagnosis and tests of proper and improper bodily functions. Walk-in appointments are technically possible, but booking in advance is recommended to get the most out of your experience. The wooden pole rises from floor to ceiling, and has several anchor points which can be used to secure you to the pole, from where you will be able to observe your own predicament in the floor to ceiling mirrors which surround the pole on two sides, as Your Mistress readies Her cruel cane stdney descend with a resounding thwack upon your naked flesh.

Of course, there are a variety of dungeon spaces available, fitted with all the contraptions and accoutrements required to be thoroughly dominated or have the power in your hands. You need to have the experience to pull the flight back to a safe destination. The elegant bondage chair is a perfect piece of furniture to which kaatle slaves may be bound, permitting Your Mistress to restrain you at the wrist and elbows, knees and ankles and hips so that you are totally immobilised, yet with a strategically placed cut-out seat that allows Your Mistress access to your genitals from sydne angle, making it perfect for prolonged cock and ball torture, including cock and ball bondage, waxing, and ball-weight training.

The sling is a mainstay for anal play slaves, where lying back presents your Mistress with full access to probe you and penetrate you, and subject you to strap-on tthe, fisting, and other anal training.

Home | the kastle - sydney bdsm dungeonthe kastle – sydney bdsm dungeon

Find out more here. Our Services At The Kastle we offer a world where fantasy and reality commingle, where the syney range of human sexual, behavioural, and fetish interests may kashle spoken and lived without judgment, where your seemingly unspeakable urges may be indulged and satisfied. Want more? Additional Information Female clients looking for a foray into the dark side of sexuality are also encouraged to visit as there are male service providers hosted at the venue to be your dom or sub.

To be clear, this establishment is not a brothel offering typical sex work services, although Sydney has several across the city. This is also where the straitjacket and equestrian requirements are kept. The Kastle is open seven days a week. Our expert staff also undertake demanding full-body physical inspections to ensure that subjects are led down the road to the peak of physical performance. Ladies tend to possess an alternative thee about them, with body art and interesting piercings to be found.

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Time Out spoke sudney the mistresses who reign at the Kastle about the recovering from lockdowns and the legacy of this unique venue, read the full story over here. Shutdowns aside, this unique business already faces economic fluctuations and hurdles. As a professional BDSM venue, people seek out the Kastle for the services of its professional mistresses or dominatrixes and to hire its custom facilities.